Points Details

Points Details

Spartan Race Point Series:

  • Sprint: 96% points (288 total to first place male/female)
  • Super: 98% points (294 total to first place male/female)
  • Beast: 100% points (300 total to first place male/female)

Points are calculated based on a % of best finish time for overall male and overall female (overall male’s time / your time x 300 points)
Example: You are an elite male, you finished the sprint race in 1:02:32. The first place male finished in 59:53. First you convert to seconds for both and then divide, so 3,593 / 3,632 x 300 pts x .96 (Sprint distance weighting) = 284.9 or 285

What else you need to know:

  • To qualify as Elite you must race in the designated Elite heat. If you race in the Elite wave for some of your races and race in the Open heats, or Age Group Category for a couple of events, those Open heat or Age Group races will not ┬ábe combined with your Elite points in the Elite series.
  • Elite heat must have a minimum of 30 male or 10 female participants to qualify the athletes to receive ranking points at that event. In some cases, race directors may allow only ranked athletes to enter a Elite heat.
  • Only your top 5 best races earn points
  • If you are late to your heat you will not earn Elite points, at the Race Director’s discretion.