Honey Mustard Turkey Pinwheels

Honey Mustard Turkey Pinwheels


By: Tessemaes All Natural®

Serves 4

Looking for a fun after school or workout snack? These turkey pinwheels are IT! The protein will boost energy and calcium from the cheese is essential for neuron function. Tessemae’s honey mustard adds tang and sweetness without refined sugar.



  1. First, make the cucumber strips. Lay the cucumber flat on your work surface and use a vegetable peeler to cut into thin strips. When the strips get too seedy, flip the cucumber over and start again from the other side. You need 12 strips for this recipe.


  2. Cut the turkey and cheese into strips about the same thickness as the cucumber. For us, this meant cutting both lengthwise into thirds. Layer the turkey down the cucumber, drizzle with a little honey mustard, top with cheese, and roll up. (See step-by-step shots below.)

Make ahead: Store the pinwheels, refrigerated, up to 1 day.