013: Steven Pressfield: Author, 'Warrior Ethos'

013: Steven Pressfield: Author, 'Warrior Ethos'


One of the first things Steven Pressfield learned in researching his book Warrior Ethos is that the Spartans were serious about their laconic ideals. To his knowledge, they wrote a grand total of twenty four words about themselves so Pressfield had to rely on hearsay and poetic license to flesh out that portion of his tone. But, fortunately, the actions of the Spartans spoke volumes, imparting valuable lessons on honor, determination, discipline and overcoming adversity. Pressfield harnessed these lessons when faced with the challenges of a blank writing page and the ultimate obstacle, a resistant mind.


  1. Honor yourself.
  2. Embrace Adversity.  The harder it is the more you get out of it.
  3. When you wake up, expect the negative force of resistance.  Be ready and conquer it.

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