The Kacy Catanzaro Effect: 5 #SpartanWomen Who Refuse to Lose

The Kacy Catanzaro Effect: 5 #SpartanWomen Who Refuse to Lose

By: Holly Joy Berkey

Kacy Catanzaro quickly became a household name last summer after dominating the American Ninja Warrior course and becoming the first woman to qualify for finals on the iconic show. A self-proclaimed “5 foot nothing,” the petite gymnast proved to men and women alike that size truly does not matter when it comes to accomplishing incredible feats. Kacy has inspired millions to pursue their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.


The Reebok Spartan Race world is also fortunate to witness incredible feats of fitness and determination from the many Spartan women who take on each race, and we’d like to recognize the impressive #WomenOfSpartan who continue to amaze and astound us at each event.

1.Rose Wetzel: Number 1 ranked Spartan female and a recent American Ninja Warrior veteran herself, it seems as though there’s nothing Rose can’t do! She’s fast, she’s strong, and there’s no doubt that competition is her passion as she races with a smile spread wide across her face.


2. Coach Casey: Founder of Foobie Fitness, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping rehabilitate breast cancer survivors, Spartan SGX Coach Casey Eischen is determined to guide women back to health, both physically and emotionally, through proper fitness and nutrition. Having elected to undergo a prophylactic mastectomy due to a high likelihood of developing breast cancer, she understands the strain that a woman’s mind and body must endure as they seek a return to normalcy. Coach Casey has proved to not only be strong for herself, but also for others in their moment of need, making herself a true inspiration to many who know her.


3. Amelia Boone: Likely one of the most well known members of the Spartan Pro Team, Amelia has earned podium after podium over the past few years, and she dominates each race with steady determination. Her fire to compete burns strong, as recent reconstructive knee surgery couldn’t hold her back from digging back into racing just weeks after going under the knife. Despite her racing success, Amelia hasn’t let her fame get the best of her, as she remains humble, genuine, and kind to each person she encounters.


4. Amanda Sullivan: Just as Kacy defied all odds on the ANW course, Amanda has defied all odds in life after surviving two horrific car accidents back in 2009. Despite traumatic brain injuries, nerve damage, herniated discs, a right leg that does not work, and years spent bed ridden, Amanda has pressed on with a smile on her face and a passion for life that is awe-inspiring to say the least. She recently helped lead Spartan Race’s #Spartan30 campaign where she led Spartan Nation in performing 30 push-ups a day for 30 days. She loves to get out on the course to prove to herself, and to others, that even with a disability people can achieve incredible feats.


5. Andi Hardy: One of Spartan Race’s original elite women, Andi has been a staple in the Obstacle Racing world since early 2012. Her vibrant personality shines both on and off the course, and many people recognize her simply by her sunny blonde coiffure and genuine smile. A leader of the nationwide Spartan SGX Workout Tour, and driven with a passion to help others reach their goals, Andi delivers motivation, inspiration, and an infectious enthusiasm for life wherever she goes.