Endurance: Lo180

Endurance: Lo180

Endurance: Lo180

Many racers find themselves out on our courses far longer than they expected. You’ve been warned. Be ready to go the distance.

Get ready for endurance by practicing endurance. Put on your running shoes and focus on the duration of your workout, not the intensity of your workout. You should be able to hold a conversation this entire workout.

We call this workout Lo180. It’s pretty simple. Keep your self active in your aerobic zone for 180 minutes.

Take it easy, but always keep moving forward.

Sprint level: 1 hour run/walk.

Super level: 2 hour run/walk.

Beast level: 3 hour run/walk.


For more information please read Long Slow Distance (LSD) for Endurance Training by Jeff Godin Ph.D, CSCS, Director of Spartan Coaches.