Mother's Day Global Workout

Mother's Day Global Workout

Mother’s Day Global Workout

Global Warm-up

10 reps each, 2 sets

  • Power Skip – Explosive, skip for maximum height
  • Power Skip – Backwards
  • Bear Crawl Forward
  • Bear Crawl – Backward

Neck Circles, Arm Circles (overhead sides, front) Hip Circles (it’s all in the hips), Knee Circles, Ankle Circles

  • 5x Bodyweight Squat
  • 10x Walking Lunge Forward
  • 10x Walking Lunge Backward

Mother’s Day

3 sets

  • 3 Explosive Broad Jumps
  • 6 Backward Walking Lunges
  • 9 Push Ups
  • 30yd Piggy Back or Shoulder Ride (with child or heavy backpack)
  • 30yd Bear Crawl of Elephant Walk

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of Burpees + Reverse Bear Crawl (per side)

Finisher: 30s ON 10s OFF High Plank x 10 rounds