Machete Beast Hacks a Trail to the First Spartan DELTA

Machete Beast Hacks a Trail to the First Spartan DELTA

Two years ago, Victor Carrillo was 230 pounds. Now, Victor is a Spartan SGX Coach, and he has completed eight Racing TRIFECTAs. Just a few weeks ago, he returned to the venue of his first Spartan Race: Temecula for his two-year Spartan “anniversary.” This year, Victor is still looking for more. Not only is he on his way to the Spartan DELTA, but he plans to be the first.

Victor’s racing style is unpredictable. For example, last year, Victor completed an impulsive TRIFECTA in Hawaii. Although he arrived to the islands with the modest goal of “doing a few races and just having fun,” one look at his friend’s Ultra Beast belt buckle compelled him to sign up, on that same day, for his first Ultra Beast. By Sunday, he had earned his first Ultra TRIFECTA—completely on a whim.

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Anyone else pursuing the first Spartan DELTA, be warned: this wasn’t the only time Victor upped the ante at the last minute. In the final hours leading up to the Temecula Beast last January, Victor had resolved not to overwork himself; he was recovering from injury at the time, so he ruled out another Ultra Beast. Minutes later, a friend asked him, “Hey, are you doing the Ultra Beast?” Victor’s mind changed in an instant. “What the heck? I’ll do it,” he said. His next TRIFECTA, which he earned in Ohio in one day, came from a decision he made “literally a week before [the race weekend].” Before that weekend, he had not run more than 13 miles.

Looking forward at the nine spaces on his DELTA, Victor has a realistic mindset. “It’s [possible] that I will be able to reach all of them by June,” he says, with an eye on the date of the Summer Agoge. However, if Victor’s Endurance and Training TRIFECTAs happen as unpredictably as his Race TRIFECTAs, his DELTA may come to pass much earlier than planned.

For Victor, the DELTA means the same thing as his first race, his first TRIFECTA, and “every other race” that he has done. Since Victor’s first race, he has inspired hundreds of followers on social media. “Each time I race, the response I get from people [on social media] really is the fuel that kept firing my next attempt,” he says. “I will go and do a TRIFECTA in one day, to show you that it’s doable. If somehow this stuff that I do…gets people to believe that they can do it, then that’s the whole purpose of [the DELTA].”

For those who are unsure about attempting the DELTA, Victor has simple advice. “Ask yourself why you want to do it. If you don’t have a compelling reason…you will quit. My [DELTA] has never been about me. It’s always been, how is this going to help others.”

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