Signing up for your first Spartan Race can be exciting, frightening, energizing—and the cause of significant existential panic. Am I ready? Will I survive? What am I getting myself into? What even is a Spartan Race?! Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available to help you prepare, get you in the right mindset, and quell as much pre-race anxiety as possible.

These 11 Spartan blogs will help you to get started on the right foot.

1. First Time Spartan? Choose the Right Race Fuel


What’s “race fuel,” and how is it different from what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? In this blog, nutrition expert and SGX Coach Anne L’Heureux explains everything you need to know about providing your body with the right fuel for your race.

2. Words of Wisdom to First-Time Spartans


When you’re looking for encouragement, look no further than the Spartan Community. We posed several questions to our largest Facebook groups about doing a Spartan Race for the first time, and the response was incredible. Read this post to ease your mind and feed your spirit.

3. Which Race Type is Right for Me?


Spartan Race offers three different race types: Sprint, Super and Beast. If you’re still unsure about which one is right for you, read this blog.

4. What Should I Wear to My First Spartan Race?


You can see what Spartans wear on the course by seeing any of our race photos, but which of those Spartans is wearing the best gear? We polled hundreds of Spartans for their top tips on race day clothing, and this blog is the result.

5. Jenna Wolfe — An Open Letter to Anyone Who Thinks a Spartan Race Isn’t for Them


Even the most experienced athletes have doubts about their first Spartan Race. Read what NBC news correspondent and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe has to say about her first race.

6. I’m new to exercise — Can I run a Spartan Race?


We asked the Spartan community whether someone “new to exercise” could complete a Spartan Race. This is what they said.

7. Eight Spartan Revolutions that Might Incite Your Own


What’s a Spartan Revolution? It’s the moment when you decide to take your health and happiness into your own hands—when you choose to make things happen instead of letting them happen to you. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than these amazing eight.

8. How to Recover from Anything


Maybe you’re not worried about the race so much as how you’ll feel afterward. If that’s the case, then sports medicine expert and SGX coach Mike Ryan has exactly what you need. Mike’s extensive experience as a sports medicine expert for the NFL gives him an unparalleled knowledge of injury prevention, physiology, and exercise. Read this post and plan your recovery with confidence.

9. Stop Cramping in its tracks


Biohacking means using biology to achieve top performance in sport, work and daily life, and Ben Greenfield has made a career out of it. In this post, you’ll learn science-based techniques tested and confirmed by Ben himself.

10. Battling the Elements — The Truth about Hydration


Mike Ryan is back, this time with the ultimate guide to race hydration. If your race is in the summer—which is statistically probable—then you should know exactly what to drink, how much, and when to drink it. Learn the dos and don’ts of water, sports drinks, electrolytes and more in this informative and thorough blog.

11. Food for Thought — Fueling the Trip to Your Next Spartan Race


Traveling far to your first race? Learn how to eat healthy and stick to your budget on the go with former Spartan Pro Team Member Miguel Medina’s guide to Spartan travel meal planning.

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