How To Be A Spartan While Staring at Your Phone

How To Be A Spartan While Staring at Your Phone

By: Justin T. Manning

Let’s be honest. Most of us spend a large part of our days hitting the “like” button, commenting, and sharing the content we come across on Facebook. (Dare I say that scrolling up and down our Facebook timelines is really America’s favorite pastime.) In reality, Spartan life may actually look like: eating, sleeping, working, training, and Facebook-ing.

But what if I told you that you could enhance your Spartan training while staring at your phone or computer screen?

You could spend countless hours scouring the internet for ways to Spartan Up, or you could tap into the collective knowledge of one of several Spartan Facebook communities.

Are you looking to show off your best spear throw technique?

Have you invented a new hashtag challenge?

Want free daily challenges from Matt “The Bear” Novakovich?

Got Spartan Gear questions or reviews?

Do you want to learn the Spartan 4-0 handshake? (Clue: It doesn’t consist of shaking hands.)

Get started by joining some Spartan Race Facebook Community Pages.

Each group explores new terrain for the Spartans by region, age group, and interests to keep your Spartan life fresh every day, in and out of the mud pits. In fact, many Spartan Facebook groups have a distinct edge over your average social media gathering spaces. On top of being made up of athletes of all levels from open wave competitors to podium finishers in the Elite category, Spartan Facebook groups also put you up close to some of the minds behind Spartan Race, including fellow competitor and Spartan’s social media coordinator, JD Beebe. He is the administrator of such Facebook groups as, ‘Spartans of the Northeast,’ ‘West Coast Spartans,’ ‘Midwest Spartans,’ and ‘Southern Spartans.’

“The best thing about being a part of these Spartan groups is seeing how hugely passionate and helpful everyone is,” says Beebe. “It’s a pleasure to connect with Spartans on a more personal level and really understand what the pulse of our members is all about.”

In the Spartan world, it’s important to have a tribe.

In the long list of Spartan Facebook groups (of which this list is only a small part), you’re guaranteed to find one that suits you. Find Spartans where you live, train, and race to find a sense of belonging that you can bring to your next Spartan Race.

Spartans of the Northeast (8,599 Members)

Locations: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, Vermont, Maine, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Long Island, and Quebec.

Why You Should Join: You may like this Spartan community if you’re seeking both local and national Spartan events, motivation, gear coupons and updates.

West Coast Spartans (10,688 Members)

Locations: California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington.

Why You Should Join: Lively discussion, inspirational posts, race codes and custom memes make this page a great follow. The page also has members who sell custom shirts to represent your city.

Southern Spartans (8,580 Members)

Locations: Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee

Why You Should Join: Along with custom shirts and motivation, you’ll find plenty of Spartans building obstacles in their own backyards- 8’ walls, Monkey bars, you name it. Feel free to message a Southern Spartan for guidance to build your own, and even go as far as to screenshot a few custom obstacles to take your own at-home training to the next level.

Midwest Spartans (1,526 members)

Locations: St. Louis, Illinois, Detroit, Iowa, Missouri

Why You Should Join: Currently the page has plenty of coupon codes, sales, and questions pertaining to race locations and fun ways to stay active and competitive such as the Burpee Challenge.

The reason for these groups is best explained by JD Beebe, who states, “In all the regional groups, I believe membership means that you’ve decided that Spartan is a bigger part of your life. Yes, it is a weekend race but the soul of Spartan goes much deeper—it’s a philosophy of healthy living, of adventure, of being comfortable to get uncomfortable.”

Spartan Regional Team Pages

In addition to the regional pages, the online community includes Spartan Team pages created and moderated by the Spartan community.

To learn more about some of Spartans largest regional teams, read this magazine article.

Please note that the magazine article does not include every Spartan Regional Team because there were more teams than the magazine could fit. Spartan would love to feature your team on our blog or magazine. Please send information to our editor David at

Non-Regional Groups

Spartan Christians (399 Members)

This group posts daily scriptures and family pictures. A highlight of this group is that it has managed to stay a “rant free zone.” The page is what would happen if Joe De Sena started his own church. Boom. Everyone hold hands and pray along.

Spartan 4-0 (4,540 Members)

Spartan 4-0 is a Facebook page for 30+ year old Spartan Racers. They have a day of the week for almost everything: ‘Topless Tuesday’, ‘Family Friday’, ‘Motivation Monday’…

Why You Should Join: Spartan Race Pro Team athlete, Matt “The Bear” Novakovich, posts weekly challenges to a very lively community. Keep in mind that in addition to the motivation and jokes, some pictures and threads may not be safe for work.

Don’t know “The Bear”? That’s a problem. Meet Matt Novakovich in his three-part guide to the Spartan World Championship.

Spartan Singles (1,610 Members)

There are several Spartan singles groups, but this group serves as a focal point of them all.

Why You Should Join: Although the community is not very active in discussion, the page features motivation and new Spartan Race event pages. Plus, you might find someone special…

Spartan Parents (397 Members)

Suppose your babysitter never arrived on time and you really wanted to complete that TRIFECTA. Sounds like it’s a roadtrip for the entire family. Join this community group if you are parents of a Spartan and seeking to enter the Spartan Race with your kids!

Why you Should Join: The page is frequently updated with groupon deals and various workout videos featuring Spartans with their kids. Users post their workout videos and help coordinate safe and convenient “sitters” on race days. Certified family-friendly.

Spartan Volunteers (13,862 Members)

Spartans volunteer for various reasons—not least importantly to earn a free race pass.

Why you Should Join: There is a benefit to volunteering. Volunteering not only give free races but also provide an extra set of “eyes” to ensure an effective and safe Spartan Race. Volunteers are an essential part of the course, and volunteering is also a great way to make friends.

In this group, you can find volunteer code troubleshooting, share photos, chat with other volunteers, share information, and ask questions. This is a highly interactive page with ongoing discussion. Get the updates and volunteer. First come, first serve!

Spartan Hurricane Heat (4,235 Members)

Pursuing a Spartan DELTA? The Hurricane Heat is an important part of it.

Why You Should Join: Spartan Director of Endurance Events Tony Matesi keeps you posted on the latest Endurance Events with answers, event locations, and Spartan Race Blogs related to endurance events. However, there is a limit to how many questions you will have answered. The rules are simple:

  1. Don’t ask the Hurricane Heat Director any questions.
  2. Figure it out.
  3. Refer to rule 1 if you have a question.

Information pertaining to the Endurance events is posted in the About Me section with several dog-tag pictures throughout the page. (Just a tip: you may want to know the Warrior Ethos.)

How many community pages will you join?

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