12 Helpful Spartan Blogs You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Having Read

12 Helpful Spartan Blogs You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Having Read

At Spartan, one of our biggest goals is to educate people: toward becoming better racers, toward training in healthier and more sustainable ways, and toward better nutrition for races and for life. With all of the information available on the Spartan website, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Here are 12 helpful blogs to jump-start your journey in racing, training, eating, and the Spartan Lifestyle.

1. Helpful Hints from a Veteran

By: Edgar Landa


If you are a nervous first-timer, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed, nervous or apprehensive about what to expect. Read this post for some of Death Race Veteran Edgar Landa’s most helpful hints—for both the experienced racer and the newbie.

2. The Spartan Knowledge Base

OK, so this technically is not a blog per se, but understanding the Spartan Knowledge Base is possibly more valuable than reading 300 blogs. The Knowledge Base answers every frequently asked question a Spartan could think of—period.

How do I change my start time?

How do I create or join a team?

How do I search for my photos?

All of these questions, and more. Covered.

3. Spartan Obstacle Tutorials


Want to make race burpees a thing of the past? Check out our Spartan Obstacle Tutorial series by clicking any of the links below:

These are just a few of our obstacle tutorials. In addition to those, we offer instructional guides for all of the foundational movements that can prepare your body to be an obstacle-crushing machine.

(What on earth is a… hollow hold?)

4. Heart Rate Training: Q&A with Jason Jaksetic


By: Jason Jaksetic

Jason Jaksetic is an avid ultra-endurance athlete and a guru when it comes to the Spartan Lifestyle. In addition to crafting the Spartan Food of the Week, the Workout of the Day, and lending his wisdom to the Spartan Digital Magazine, he demystifies questions on every Spartan’s mind on Spartan’s blogs.

Looking for something more intense? Start preparing for your first Hurricane Heat or Agoge.

5. 6 Ways to Cross-Train for a Reebok Spartan Race


By: Tony Matesi

Maybe it’s obvious that you’ll need to run and carry heavy things to prepare for a Reebok Spartan Race. What might not be so obvious is the fact there are a plethora of other activities you can incorporate into your training plan to keep things fun, exciting, and challenging. In this post, Tony Matesi explains his top six favorites. (Don’t try #4 without proper guidance…)

6. Training While Pregnant?


By: SGX Coach Jackie Schmoll

Pregnancy is an important time in anyone’s life, but does it need to put a stop to your training? In this post, SGX Coach Jackie Schmoll offers advice based on her experiences training while pregnant.

7. Breaking Down the Warm-up


By: Dr. Jeff Godin, Ph.D., CSCS, SGX

The Spartan Team is grateful to have a mind as sharp and experienced as Dr. J’s in the Spartan collective consciousness. In this blog, Dr. Jeff Godin explains one of the most important parts of any workout—the warm-up—in unparalleled detail.

Do you know how to do an “inchworm”?

Do you know what a “ski jack” is?

Do you know why, physiologically, it’s important to warm up?

If you answered no to any of those questions, this helpful blog is calling your name.

Already mastered the warm-up? Check out these other helpful blogs by Dr. Jeff Godin:

8. Protein 110: Are All Proteins Equal?


By: Jason Jaksetic

Protein is a matter of some controversy among athletes and non-athletes alike. In this post, Jason Jaksetic reveals that protein is not as simple as…protein. In finding the ideal diet, the right question is not “how much?” but “what kind?”

9. Food for Thought: Fueling for the Trip to Your Next Spartan Race


By: Miguel Medina

Spartans know how to fuel for the incredible distances they travel on and off the course, but what about the distances they travel to the course? Are you headed to the airport for your next Reebok Spartan Race? Got a long drive ahead of you? Miguel’s blog will help you to keep your nutrition from taking a nosedive as you get from point A to point B.

10. SGX FAQs


If you don’t already practice SGX training, you will be kicking yourself after you read this blog (which may in fact be a useful mobility exercise, so keep it up!).

This SGX FAQ blog is packed with information; it answers a whopping 37 questions about SGX, the certification program, Spartan Coaching, SGX classes, and more.

Wait…what in the world is periodization?

11. 8 Best Kept Spartan Prep Training Secrets


This list was originally going to be a list of 10, but this short blog was too potent to leave out. If you’re just starting out in your Spartan journey, this blog will point your training in the right direction.

12. DIY Gym Equipment


By: Spartan SGX Coaches Ethan Polinsky, Kirsten Conant and Mike King, and with a bonus article by Steffen “Cookie” Cook

Promise this is the last one.

The Spartan life is, in part, about doing the most with what you have. That said, most of the exercises in the SGX curriculum require no equipment. For the exercises that do require equipment, we encourage you to build your own. This blog is your #1 guide to that end.

The bonus article at the end, written by our very own Cookie, is top-notch.

In Summary

Spartan exists to help people like you to take steps toward a healthier life. These 10 12 blogs are the tip of a massive iceberg. For a deeper dive into the Spartan Way of Life, check out the Spartan Digital Magazine — or, better yet, stay on your feet, keep your blood pumping, and prepare for your next race.

It just might change your life.