6 Ways to Know You’re Ready for the Spartan Competitive Heat

6 Ways to Know You’re Ready for the Spartan Competitive Heat

Over the past five years, Spartan competition has grown exponentially. With the current Elite and Open Heats, we realized there might not be a place for competitive racers who want strict rules and lockstep penalties for obstacle failure, but who aren’t racing in the Elite wave.

In other words, there was no middle-ground.

We were getting thousands of emails, some inspired, some angry, some eager, some confused—but all echoing one great idea. The Competitive Heat is that great idea.

Really, it’s your great idea.

That said, we already know that tens of thousands of Spartans are ready for the Competitive Heat. The question is, are you one of them? We’ve put together this short checklist to help you figure that out. If these six items describe you, you’re ready. (It’s really that simple.)

1. You’re punctuating your day with burpees.


If you are starting every day with a solid set of 30 and incorporating burpees heavily into your daily workouts, you’re ready to compete. In the Competitive Heat, there’s no burpee “forgiveness.” You will be expected and required to complete all 30, every time, no exceptions. Failure to do so results in disqualification, without exception.

2. Running ain’t so hard anymore.


Walking part of the course puts any racer significantly behind the pack. To make sure you’re ready for the Competitive Heat, you should be able to run the full length of a Spartan Race without stopping. If you’re really ready, you can even throw in some circuit training on top of that, and then do it all again the next day. Neither terrain nor distance can stop you.

3. Obstacles have become your friends.


(Not your only friends.) If you’re ready for the Competitive Heat, you are familiar with all Spartan obstacles, and there’s no guarantee that any of them is going to send you to the Burpee Zone. As a guideline, you’re ready for the competitive heat if you’ve finished the open wave multiple times with fewer than 60 burpees.

4. You want to be right up against that edge.


You’re not just looking for a fun weekend with friends. You’re looking to test yourself against the best Spartans in your region—and you’re expecting them to come prepared for battle.

5. You dedicate time and energy to training.


We’re talking at least a solid hour every day. When you’re not training, you’re eating well, staying active, and building your competitive mind. Every day, to you, is an opportunity to improve.

6. You train competitively with your friends already.


If your training already has a competitive edge to it—and you’re loving it—you’re well-prepared for the Competitive Heat.

If all six of these describe you, then the Competitive Heat is for you. When you register for any Sprint, Super, or Beast this year, make sure to register for the Competitive Heat. (Be aware that rules of competition will be strictly enforced.)

Make yourself known in the Spartan world. #Commit to competition this year.

Are your friends ready for a little competition? Share this checklist with them to find out.