Why We Spartan

Why We Spartan

By: Jake Shillue

Grass stains, sweaty shirts, sunburnt skin — memories of childhood. From sunup to sundown, we played outside. Days were filled with wiffle ball, swimming at the beach, playing in the dirt (to our parents’ dismay), riding bikes, and so much more. We weren’t concerned with the little things; we just felt alive.

These days, time spent outdoors comes in a darker hue. We trudge up hills, climb up ropes, slog through mud, and crawl under barbed wire, punishing our bodies all along the way. Unlike the children we used to be, we find ourselves asking, “What did I get myself into?” We are tuned in to every cramp, sore spot, and bruise on our body. All the while, the harsh terrain reminds us with every step that Mother Nature always wins. Always. We could very easily have stayed at home and sat on the couch…

This is where Spartans make a break from the pack. We do not choose the easy way out and forfeit to Mother Nature: we put up a fight. We are resilient captains of the most powerful machines we will ever operate: our bodies. We “Spartan” because it makes us feel alive. Deep down, it brings us back to our childhood, when there wasn’t a care in the world, when we did what we wanted, when trophies were bruises, scars, and dirty shirts — not Instagram likes, high scores on Candy Crush, or a couple thousand extra YouTube views. We “Spartan” because it’s who we are.

This is, at least, why I Spartan, and I think I’m not alone. We do this not because it’s easy — but because it makes us happy, and it makes us feel alive. It’s as simple as that.

Grass stains, sweaty shirts, sunburnt skin — memories of… now. Don’t be nostalgic about better days. Make a better day today.