025: Richard Branson: CEO: Virgin Group

025: Richard Branson: CEO: Virgin Group


Richard Branson defies conventional wisdom on success. As with Virgin Airlines, forget meticulous planning and market research, he started a thriving airline literally in an afternoon. As with Virgin Cola, forget starting small, he competed against one of the most successful companies of all time and almost won. As with Necker Island, forget raising sufficient capital, he acquired the island first believing that the money to develop it would show up eventually, which it did. A notorious adventurer, Branson is clearly, within reason, not afraid to die and therefore not afraid to live.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone and go into the world and explore.
  2. Push yourself beyond your limits.
  3. Practice balance. Learn to trust your instincts.
  4. Find fun ways to stay fit – involve your friends and family.
  5. Look for the best in people. There is always something special to acknowledge in a person.
  6. Forgiveness mends.
  7. Expect things to be hard along the way but be sure to enjoy the sense of satisfaction from simply trying and being on the journey.

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Resources/Mentions: Virgin Group  http://www.virgin.com/

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