049: Joe De Sena: How Mob + Yoga = Success

049: Joe De Sena: How Mob + Yoga = Success

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BONUS EPISODE – Joe De Sena’s talk from the 2015 Mastermind Talks:

In this podcast Joe talks about his serpentine and serendipitous path to the Spartan Race and the valuable lessons he gathered along the way. He describes how his perseverance ultimately created his luck even when it was disguised as misfortune. Joe navigated his way through tough neighborhoods, a broken family life, organized crime, a near hopeless bid to enter the Ivy League, Wall Street, a human Iditarod, and daunting business prospects in backwater Vermont until he found his true calling. As usual, Joe insists he isn’t special and outlines how you can do it too.


  1. Commit: Say what you’re going to do and do what you say.
  2. Go above and beyond.
  3. Never complain. Practice gratitude.
  4. Choose your path and stick to it.
  5. Persevere and persist.
  6. Practice upside/downside decision making.
  7. Change your frame of reference and develop grit.
  8. Do something you’re passionate about and it will no longer be work.
  9. Road blocks are obstacles to overcome.

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