017: Nate Carr: How to Overcome "No"

017: Nate Carr: How to Overcome "No"

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Nate Carr grew up with a full team of elite wrestlers in his backyard. Out of five competing brothers, all were Division I NCAA All-Americans and two reached the Olympics. Nate managed to edge above the rest, earning Olympic bronze. What spurred him on? It could have been his indomitable attitude. His positive mindset is a motivational machine first leading to his success and then to that of the wrestlers he coaches. Listen in to hear the sort of self-talk that leads to greatness.


  1. Never personalize failure.
  2. “No” means “next opportunity.” “Yes” means “you expecting success.
  3. Speak the end of the thing at the beginning, i.e., state the goal then set the strategy.

Panel Notes:

Joe Desena: Nate is just one of those amazing people that has presence, the kind of presence that commands you and everyone nearby. He is physically powerful and when making a point can nearly knock you over with a finger. He is an incredible family man that has some great children walking in his footsteps. He is a true motivator and knows what it takes to be a true champion in life. He was “robbed” in his olympic bid for gold but will never tell you that. A true, inspiring, amazing man.

Sefra Alexandra: An Olympic wrestler, pastor, and raised in a family of 16 children- a wonderfully jovial human being whose smile never leaves his face- his son is following in his footsteps and his wife is there cheering them on… Strong family. Strong people.

Johnny Waite: The most positive guy!! Great message about encouragement and focus. You will come out of this one pumped full of energy and drive!

Col. Nye: Promotes positivity, despite receiving a bad call in the Olympics he believes you have to “grow through it not just go through it” Positive encouragement is crucial. The mental aspects are key. Never personalize a failure. Take risks, risks represent growth. Unique theory of visualization, replacement of thought. Motivational speaker of the highest order.


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