016: Johnny Waite Wishes You a Hard Life

016: Johnny Waite Wishes You a Hard Life

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Starting out homeless in 2008, Johnny Waite has certainly emerged from adversity and hit the ground running. He’s gone on to finish the Death Race, and become a master at motivation, hypnosis, psychology, adversity and raising his two children. Johnny’s official title is Quality Manager for Spartan Race. His obstacle laden path has taught him the value of a challenging life and its ability to unleash positivity into the world. His mission is to compassionately dole out that same hardship to others so that they too may build up obstacle immunity.


  1. An easy life is no life at all.
  2. Always ask, “so what?” meaning in the face of this situation, what will you do now?
  3. Most of us live in abundance and can therefore be producers instead of consumers.
  4. Interrupt a person’s usual pattern and you may spark a positive change in their life.

Panel Notes:

Joe Desena: A real world psychologist who knows how to throw everything into perspective just when you need it. My favorite line from Johnny is “there are no bad days.” I rank friends in my mind based on who I would try and convince to be with me if we were at war… and I don’t think a person alive today would not seek to have Johnny by their side. He perfectly chooses his words, gets the task done no matter how tall, and never stops smiling.

Johnny Waite:

Devastatingly handsome.

Seems to think he knows some stuff about some stuff.

Apparently does know how to be happy no matter the circumstances.

Sefra Alexandra:

The apple of our eye.

The calm amongst the storm.

The perennial beatus philosophum (the happy philosopher in Latin).

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  • Video and Audio Production – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc.
  • Audio Post Engineer – Aaron Moore
  • Synopsis – Matt Baatz