041: Carl Quintanilla: Why You Should Say Yes

041: Carl Quintanilla: Why You Should Say Yes

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Carl Quintanilla, weekend NBC Nightly News anchor, decided to make the jump from The Wall Street Journal to Television when the future of print looked uncertain. Though he has secured a coveted position, he initially paid his dues by always saying yes to opportunities, including reporting in Iraq, where by that time, fortunately, hostilities were on the wane. The resilience he built up in such an ambitious career track explains why he coasted through the Spartan course prior to the interview. Joe and Carl discuss what they have learned through their interactions with the successful as well techniques that have helped them in their own lives.


  1. Set a limited time to reflect on failure (3 days max) then move forward.
  2. In general, yes is the best answer. Don’t build walls.
  3. The key to success is surviving long enough to get lucky.

Panel Notes:

Col. Nye

Set a time limit on how long you will feel bad about a failure. Don’t dwell, get it out of your mind. Never say no, Be honest, Be careful, Be nice. The key to success is to hang around long enough to get lucky.


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