040: Father's Day Bonus | Dr. Joe Galasso

040: Father's Day Bonus | Dr. Joe Galasso

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Dr. Galasso has, in his work with developmentally disabled Spartans, motivated some 2000 gritty children across the finish line. This endeavor is a great model for the no less formidable challenge parents face in setting a worthy course for their own kids. In this episode Galasso describes a strategy framed by hope, healing, empowerment and connection. Celebrate Father’s Day by striving to be the type of parent that enables his children to thrive in the face of life’s obstacles.



Dr. Joe Galasso is a driving force behind Special Spartans that celebrates the fact that “Everybody has an athlete within!” In this podcast he discusses the developmental process of youth and the effective 4-step Recovery Model he implements:

  1. hope
  2. healing
  3. empowerment
  4. connection

This week we celebrate all father figures and paternal mentors who, in the words of the Dr. “believe we are capable of anything!” To my own Papa, my fellow podcast hosts >>> all fathers of remarkable children! Those we have interviewed and all those of you listening in >>> this one is for you!

Col. Nye:

Special Spartans, these kids are tough, full of grit. They can’t quit. Hope, Healing, Empowerment, and Connection. Hope is a buoy. Concept of heart, reaching deep within yourself. Positive self-talk, must sell yourself. Never let the message of “quit” into your head. Rely on your training. Remain positive. Hope is the belief that you can accomplish anything. It’s an anchor as much as a trampoline. Empowerment, you need to have support but kids must learn that they can do things on their own. Separation is good, kids must become independent thinkers and actors. Healing, Father’s teach are kids the best lesson. Emotional intelligence, emotional vocabulary. (US Govt wants adults up to 26 to still be kids, college grads living at home? They want to be comfortable – complete BS.)

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