038: Underground Strength: Sacrifice as Investment

038: Underground Strength: Sacrifice as Investment

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Joe is about to subject the Underground Strength Training crew to a The 24 hr. workout, it has all the hallmarks of delayed gratification. Much like in the famous marshmallow test, they will have to make sacrifices to reach a greater reward. As entrepreneurs they are well accustomed to that dynamic. They have some great insight (Like, for instance, the failsafe man in the mirror test.) on what it takes to navigate through the hard times in service of a passion.

Panel Notes:

I mention the military acronym GOTWA at the beginning of this podcast>>> it’s a quick method to relay a 5-point contingency plan taught to me by my good friend who has been serving this country for over 14 years. It stands for:
Going >>> Hey guys I’m going to the Trailside Inn’s backyard in Killington, VT
Others >>> I’ll be heading over with the Underground Strength Coach’s inner circle
Time >>> I should be back in around 45 minutes (unless I see that Osprey again)
What >>> If I’m not back in an hour DO BURPEES!
Actions >>> If not back tonight look for Burpee smoke signaling + I will watch for the Spartan carrier pigeon for future podcast interview coordinates…
It’s a handy tool that conveys a lot of pertinent information in a concise format. In life as in training its sometimes beneficial to plan out your mission + vision, and share it with someone for both safety + accountability.

This is a unique episode in that Joe is with a whole group of amazing people. One weekend, 17 top-flight personal trainers arrived in Pittsfield and let Joe test them on the mountain. Underground Strength is an extraordinary collective of well-rounded, highly motivated, legitimate badasses! Joe and Zac Evenish chat with these guys and everyone shares phenomenal insights about what makes them, and other, tick.

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