039: Dick Costolo: Twitter CEO Says Business is Like a Forest Fire

039: Dick Costolo: Twitter CEO Says Business is Like a Forest Fire

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Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, is an extreme example of the high school reunion paradox. We all have seen it. Homecoming kings and queens who have sunk into mediocrity while awkward “nobodies” have somehow made it big. Costello, the one who was always picked last for the team, is now CEO of Twitter. He describes how he used his perpetual outsider status to scrap his way to the top. His strategy is surprisingly simple; it’s only the execution that’s difficult.


  1. With enough perseverance even the most unlikely to succeed may find themselves on top.
  2. Simply being willing to put yourself in uncomfortable situations is the best way to build resilience.
  3. Success in business is like forestry management: you may be surrounded by wildfires, but the key is to identify and extinguish the most urgent ones first.

Panel Notes:


He made bird language famous> birds are the scouts of the forest + can tell you whats going on for miles around you> you listen? #BirdsRepic

LINKS to add in for bird language:

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

What the Robin Knows By Jon Young

Col. Nye:

90% of success is just building up resilience. Standing on a stage when people are booing you teaches a person resilience. Just take the next step. Forrest fire analogy- you can’t delegate priorities.

Johnny Waite:

This was the most surprising episode to date for me. This guy is the coolest, least executivey Chief Executive Officer ever. Learn how stand-up comedy can lead to the top post at one of the world’s most iconic companies!


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