032: Amit Kumar: How Money Can Buy Happiness

032: Amit Kumar: How Money Can Buy Happiness


Amit Kumar studies happiness at Cornell University. Can money make you happier? Is the key to happiness a newer car, bigger TV, & more electronic gadgets. That’s what the ads tell us, but according to happiness expert Amit Kumar, enduring happiness is manifested through experiences. That’s great news for everyone who has ripped themselves off of the couch. And though many of you undoubtedly drew that conclusion already, Kumar explains the fascinating theories behind it.


  1. Honor yourself.
  2. Due to our capacity for adaptation, you can live a happy life after a negative event.
  3. The “hedonic treadmill” will not sustain happiness; you will always need to “up the dose” of material goods.

Panel Notes:

Joe Desena: “The professor of happiness.” Very few of us are happy and Amit has the answers. It’s not what we think that makes us happy but actually the exact opposite. Amit’s hard work at Cornell University unearths what we could be focusing on to be truly happy.

Sefra Alexandra: What is the correlation between money & happiness? Is there an effect
on your well being when spending on material items vs. experiential endeavors (doing vs. having)? Let’s find out.

Johnny Waite: Oddly this Cornell University happiness expert’s most valuable advice (and valuable it is) has everything to do with where you spend your money! If you want to know where to get the most bang for your buck, and how to live a happier life, this episode will make a big difference for you. It did for me!

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